Hello World!

Hi drunk coders!

Here we are and we are here to stay!

This is our first post, our first blog and our first words to you. We are very happy to start this quest with you. This won’t be easy but it will be fun, so let’s join us in this travel to the secrets of code.

We are mobile developers, so our main objective is the mobile technologies. We are going to talk about iOS, Android and all the additional tools that we need to work with code. Don’t be ashamed, if you want us to try something that you need, tell us!

Use the comment box or send us an email to [email protected], we will be delighted!! And obviously, if you want to comment something about a post, ask for help, anything you want… don’t be shy, TELL US!

That’s all folks!
See you!

  • OuhYeah!

    Hi dudes! Good luck and best wishes for this new challenge. I do really think you’ll do your best. Nonetheless, when will you invite me to your yacht?