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OMG! Can you read me?? Check, check, one, two, one, two…


If you have ever read anything about what we’ve posted in this little blog, you’ll be asking yourself… Why on earth have we waited 2 or 3 months without posting. Well, life is complex and we are two busy guys that live to the limit, so imagine it… Well, I’ll stop lying, the fact is that we are LAZY.

OK, let’s stop talking this and let’s focus on what’s important.

This weekend we have gone to one of the most important events for developers in this country. We went to Codemotion 2015 on Friday and Saturday, to see what’s new and listen to what the best developers have to say. Personally we think this events are totally necessary, they provide true value to the development community, it helps us be better programmers and it also motivates us to create better products. If you haven’t been able to assist this time to this great opportunity we truly recommend you to go in future occasions, it is really worth it.

We decided to write this post to tell you about our vision of this event and highlight the best conferences. You’ll see bellow several links to the different conferences so you can see what was it all about and so you can start practicing. We encourage you to check on the different speakers, who are great professionals and even better people (free compliments by Let’s get to it:

  • Beauty Treatment for your Android Application:
    Jose L Lugia talked about something really interesting, hoy to improve the look&feel of our Android applications. He focused especially on the animations and let us see many integration examples, improving the user experience and providing our application with a very modern and innovative look. His examples of Wunderlist looked awesome. Also, we know Jose really loves beer.
    GitHub Slides José L Ugía
  • Swift 2 for advanced architectures:
    Should we start using Swift for projects with a complex architecture? Is it stable enough to hold everything you want to do? What is missing from Swift? These are some of the questions that Jorge Ortiz answered in his formidable talk.
    Talk Jorge Ortiz
  • Material Animations: show me the code!:
    More animations and Android. We also liked this talk a lot, we’ve noticed that the animations make users use applications more intuitively and certainly when you follow these guidelines, the use flow of an app improves the quality. Luis Gonzalez, showed us how to use the Transition framework and implement the animations that brings this awesome SDK.
    GitHub Slides Luis Gonzalez
  • Design & be reactive on Android with Iron Man in a clean way:
    Saul Miller Malvido interesting talk, giving general recommendations on Android development. The most important were the explanations of all TOP libraries that are now being used in developing area, Retrofit 2Dagger 2… to give some examples. He also flirted a bit with Clean Architecture, but didn’t focus on the subject … because this needs a thousand of talks!
    GitHub Slides Saúl Molinero
  • Clean Architecture for Android:
    We started to get into VERY serious things. Jose Manuel Pereira Garcia gave us a masterclass in Android Clean Architecture. To create a clean architecture isn’t trivial, it should be a very well structured project to accommodate changes without having to mourn. Applying this architecture is based on practice and the concepts have to be clear. Don’t hesitate to check out this talk.
    GitHub Slides JMPergar
  • Automate your flow on mobile:
    This time, Jorge Maroto talked about the advantages of using fastlane tools for… EVERYTHING! We loved this talk so much, so the next day we started to configure a continuous deployment server at Fever.
    GitHub Slides Jorge Maroto
  • Kotlin for Android Developers:
    The master, Antonio Leiva came to give us a talk about Kotlin. He showed how JetBrains language facilitates our daily development and clean up our code for the same price. Take a look at the master blog, where we found several posts and the book he has written about Kotlin development.
    GitHub Antonio Leiva Slides
  •  Programming deferred:
    We would have liked to attend to this talk, but we had technical problems. We were HANGOVERED. We were told that it was great. Jorge Barroso never disappoints! The talk was about threads and how to manage them. I feel so bad for being sleeping.
    GitHub J. Barroso Slides
  • Testing android security:
    After flagrant technical errors in the morning, we came to attend this great talk about Android securityJose Manuel Ortega showed us a lot of useful tools to use with our applications.
    José Manuel Ortega Slides

So this is our summary of the talks related to mobile development which we believe were the best of Codemotion 2015. Now there is much to learn and think about. We are already waiting for the following events that continue inspiring us to be better programmers.

Codemotion 2015 Party

PD: Lesson learned, if you assist a two-day conference, you can’t drink on day 1.